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Tourist's guide
Pro Loco of Caulonia

  Guido Laganà

  Rinaldo D'Aquino

  Map of Caulonia
  How to reach Caulonia

  History of Caulonia
   by Antonio Nicaso

  San Leo
  SS. Rosario
  The byzantine church
  S. Maria dei Minniti
  The byzantine fresco 
  Madonna of Crochi

 Monuments and buildings
The Camillari tower
  The norman castle
  Via Vincenzo Niutta
  The hermitage of ...

  The Allaro river
  The citrus fruit horchards
  The sea

 On the tracks of tradition
  The Caracolo

Guido Laganà
1997 - District Councillor for Tourism

The ancient traditions of a noble past which have highlighted Caulonia and the surrounding area as an important centre of the Magna Grecian civilisation, the thirst for knowledge of our origins, fortunately still very much present in the new generations, and a new and more modern way of working in favour of image and tourist promotion are the reasons for which we appreciate the creation of the Tourist’s Guide edited by the Pro Loco of Caulonia. To work on both a public and private basis to safeguard our historical heritage, our civilisation, the traditions tied to our land; to stimulate their re-discovery with a wider and deeper knowledge and to promote its image all means to create culture, to create tourism. A binomial which cannot be disregarded and whose social value goes beyond the fact of the Guide’s publication, as a stimulus and as advertisement; it becomes proof of a time of operative choices regarding the enterprising spirit of those people who, by working as volunteers, helped their community. To have been called upon to dedicate a few words to this publication is, for me, a great satisfaction. In the editing feat taken on by the pro Loco of Caulonia and in the competence and preparation of Antonio Nicaso, I see the synthesis of the political line to which I have attempted to give energy and real results. Civil progress also means confronting the past, the history, the archaeology, and the aspects of culture which enrich the tourist industry with their development and with the welcoming of tourists. Caulonia is moving in this direction and the Guide is a tangible document which goes towards proving this. Therefor, a thank-you is in order for the Pro Loco and good luck in the hope that these efforts will carry on happening.


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