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The Byzantine church of the “Ternità” district
(Focà of Caulonia)

The byzantine church
Found at the feet of the “Timpuni di Focà”, the Byzantine church of “Ternità” lies abandoned by everyone. It is a curious, late Renaissance, orthogonal building. Today of this Byzantine church, which was severely damaged in 1707 in a firefight between local clergymen, is the “tiburio” which was altered, after the earthing up of the lower part between 1846 and 1855 following severe flooding in a small oratory (no longer used), by lengthening the window and using it as entrance and placing a rudimentary altar inside it. The inside, of the church is superficially surmounted by a noble cornice which transforms the octagon into a perfect circle on which the monolithic vault rests.


The inland of Caulonia is a favourite tourist spot because of its clean unpolluted air and its green vegetation and its clear blue skies. There are no resting areas and no adequate structures but it is perfect for a hike or a picnic. Pezzolo, Zija, Mount Gremi, Obile, Agromastelli, all these are clean, quiet and silent areas which can symbolise an oasis of comfort and restorative rest for whoever tends to be obsessed by the turbulent, hysterical and chaotic life of the city.



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